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Our Methodology

The 4 pillars of our methodology

Gulf Football Gulf supports you in the development and optimization of your entity. In order to meet your most specific needs, we apply a method that will allow us to know the environment in which you operate with accuracy, in order to excel in the research and implementation of the appropriate processes.

Step 1: Diagnosis / Audit

Before being able to consider development and sustainability solutions, we carry out a study of your structure. This allows us to understand the environment in which you evolve, the issues you face, and the objectives you want to achieve.

Step 3: Implementation

Once the general strategy has been set and approved by the project management, it is now a matter of implementing all these measures that will contribute to the evolution and development of the project.
This requires launching operations through multiple effective actions such as:
– The discovery and application of new processes
– The implementation of technical, operational, marketing and institutional operations.
– Training and assisting the staff with the new working methods.

Step 2: The Action Plan

After analyzing all the elements observed during the diagnosis period, we carry out an action plan to achieve the objectives of the structure. This guideline brings together a set of technical, organizational, institutional, marketing and strategic solutions in order to gather all the tools needed for the success of the project and the pre-defined missions.

Step 4: Expertise

The final expertise consists of analyzing the relevance of the action plan and the effectiveness of the new processes. Gulf Football Group then proceeds to a study of the performance of the structure compared to the initial one. Depending on these results and the future strategy, the action plans may be repeated, reinforced or adjusted.

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